In Real Estate, Communication is Key

69 Old Forest Hill Road, exclusively offered for lease by Sherkin-Langer and Castle.

When it comes to real estate, communication is what it’s all about. A good agent will always keep you in the loop… but you need to keep your agent in the loop as well!

In this era of so many ways of staying in touch – which, for most people, doesn’t generally include the act of opening an envelope – it may seem strange,  but it can actually be more of a challenge to communicate effectively than in the days of letters and phone calls. There’s Facebook, BBM, texting, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, to mention only a few. We are inundated with the need to maintain so many lines of communication that it can be hard to stay on track and be focused.

And yet, effective communication is essential to ensuring that you and your agent are in synch,  and it’s the most effective way to work together in securing the home of your dreams.

Here are our top tips for communicating well with your agent, especially in a spring market.

1. Learning about the real estate process is key. When you want to buy or sell a home, the anxiety and excitement kick up a notch. You will receive lots of information right from the start, from lots of different sources. To get clarity and cut through the confusion, we’ll have a sit-down, face-to-face meeting to evaluate what you are hoping for and give you the right information. We’ll also ask you to bring a list of your top 10 “wants”, if you’re buying. And if you have a partner, it’s OK if your lists are different. After all, the home you buy will likely have a lot of what you want – but also some unique twists!

2. Check your autosend from the MLS system each morning. (Ignore the silly ones that the computer sends; after all, humans haven’t been completely replaced yet!)

3. Call/email to communicate the homes you like/dislike. If you have a strong reaction to one positively or negatively, explain why. Getting inside of your head is important for an agent to do their job well.

4. We will be looking at the system every hour or 2 during the day. If there is a perfect match, you will get a call/text/email.

We will jump out to see the place. If we call you during a work day, it’s important! We are your eyes and ears. And if  a home seems right, we will get you in as soon as you are able. Timing is so important in this market.

5. We have access to listings that others don’t. We hear about places that are “off the market” and won’t show up on MLS, and we always reach out to our strong base of other agents to find you properties that are not currently on the market but may be available to you. We will communicate that to you and provide you those opportunities.

6. If you hear about something off the market, let us know. The job is multidimensional and negotiating the best price, the terms under which you purchase the home is key. Here’s a video about how realtors are necessary to help you with your purchase:

7. If you change your ideas – price, neighbourhood, style of place, single family home versus a condo – let your realtor know! Purchasing a home is a journey and we want to make this journey together.

When its all said and done and the keys are in your hand, we will have done our job if you feel empowered by understanding what happened every step of the way. Communication is still the key to the best result.

If it seems simple then we have done our magic!

About Sherkin-Langer and Castle

We're Ferne Sherkin-Langer and Nina Castle, the top team at Harvey Kalles Real Estate according to sales metrics. When you hire us, though, you aren't just hiring by numbers: you're bringing on board a team that's committed to you. We achieved our top rank through our commitment to our clients, unshakeable integrity, and roll-up-our-sleeves work ethic. Just ask our clients. Our keen attention to every detail of the real estate sales process is often lauded; one client called our results a “miracle”. Another told us that working with us is a “complete pleasure”, and we feel the same about them.
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